Change of Residence Part II

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Subject: In the matter

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 14:21:42 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Free English translation on 2 October 2021.

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Kiel Regional Court

Deliusstrasse 22-24

24114 Kiel, Germany



To the Luebeck Local Court

Guardianship Office

Am Burgfeld 7

23564 Luebeck

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Judiciary, Dear Readers,

By now, you and your kind in particular, as the judiciary, should also show an insight into the sponsorship of a special status of certain persons, to which you will rather not belong.

In plain language, this also means for you and your kind:

There exist persons here on earth with a special status and there exist deceased persons elsewhere who have lived here on earth and these deceased "kinds of a human being" will thus already have a special status.

These deceased will have to be placed under a care of the living exclusively on the instructions of my "servant of God" who will also be above the devil, which would have to be noticeable not exclusively but especially in the case of a murderer!

Thus every murderer or criminal gets the chance to correct his or her committed mistakes by a very high corresponding counter-performance, in that a murderer gets the opportunity to be able to change the sides of his or her life balance after the "punishment work" has been done by such a care performance!

However, this must not be done at the expense of other citizens of the earth!

Thus, all prisoners who do not pose a danger to the general public will have to be set free, whereby a repeat offence can be ruled out with the utmost probability.

All other murderers and criminals, who did not have to submit to the judiciary because their crimes have not been uncovered so far, will be reprimanded by the "servant of God" through penal servitude according to the open, to be served care work of the murdered victims!

For mass murderers there is probably an additional measure between life and death!

Immature human lives, which were killed by abortions, logically also keep a diabolical connection to their murderers or begetters, which should also be controlled by the "servant of God" of my person, if the prerequisites for it are fulfilled by becoming active then, because otherwise another respectively alien control could "take hold"!

A murderer or criminal who is able to hide at the high cost of others through his status or who tries to attribute his deed to other people, first comes into custody after realisation of the facts, in that preferably the psychiatric ward or the prison is the way and the goal for such a severely "affected person", what will probably reveal itself recognisably to other people via TV.

To come back again to the special status of my person as a superior "Empress", to which you have to bow immediately by helping such a person to her rights, according to the time pressure, which is also verifiable by the increasing number and strength of the earthquakes, a capacity to act of my person has to be brought about by the Bundeswehr or the American Blue Helmets* and the BGS, as already announced in some of my homepages.

Furthermore, you, as the judiciary, have dared, through the care authority of Luebeck, to order a check of the living conditions for my sister, Mrs. R., who is affected, which you, as the care authority, have not been subject to for a long time!! !

You and your kind have already had my sister destroyed down to a small remnant and have no right in the world to assign a place to my sister or to refer her to another place without her consent!

If anyone makes an assignment here, it is my person!

1) You will have to apologise verbally and in writing to my sister for your low and cowardly approach and way of life!

Should you contravene, you and your kind will not be able to avoid two weeks of homelessness!


  ......................The next part of the letter is only important for the addressees!


All other flats in the house remain empty and unoccupied as a fair compensation in the matter at the expense of the landlord and the city of Luebeck in equal shares!

Once again: Anyone who, as a neighbour, trespassed on a neighbour's flat, including the landlord, especially if someone trespassed on the joint flat of myself and my partner, will please also have to leave the block of flats immediately and move into another place, which may have been shown long ago! 

Shame on you, you let people with weak nerves be trampled on and you yourselves usually live in a house with a garden!

Of course, you and many others will still be allowed to use your garden or front garden, but you will have to set it up as your future domicile for the time that my sister had to look where she could stay or where it is or was bearable for my sister, you horrible creatures, you!

Otherwise you and many others will have to move into a simple rented flat through the exchange of flats of a family with many children!

5) You I will teach and most especially if you will not respond immediately! !

6) Otherwise, it may happen that we will all learn to run!

7) Should my sister prefer to change to a castle ssisted living, whereby the Ploener Schloss, Eutiner- or Schweriner Schloss would be suitable for this part of the providence, as it is intended for many affected persons and to be understood as a command, then my sister's wish should be respected.

Should those affected reject the change to a castle and prefer the clinic, this should also be respected.

Note: No one is the judge of the other, if these or similar abysses will open up, however, quite obviously with one exception and that is my person!


Ursula Sabisch


This document must be forcibly included in one of my homepages, while respecting the person, because it concerns a great many people!

Document reviewed and amended on 2 October 2021.