Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the /CO                                                   To the

Federal Finance Court                                Bavarian State Government

Ismaninger Str. 109                                     Franz-Josef-Strauß Ring 1

81675 Munich                                              80539 Munich

Luebeck, Thursday, 23 October 2003

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43 Billion?

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs!

As reported today on the radio news, the FRG wants to take on debts in oversized amounts in order to be able to maintain the social net and prosperity in the FRG.

Who do you and your kind think you are, when people in the world are starving to death and infant mortality in the world is a daily reality, and you, as the FRG, want to continue to "eat your way through", to put it bluntly, despite the given events? !

Immediately, please will you invest the money you have borrowed where it is needed in the first place, because the incubation period is now over.

You will please react creepily but swiftly and tackle the most necessary crimes against humanity disguised by ingenuity**.

Now, first of all, the debts will be paid off, and by all sides.

You and others will learn to starve so that you do not forget to give thanks, you diseased creatures, you!

P. p. Empress

Enclosed homework



Please purchase a World Almanac in your language such as the Fischer or Spiegel World Almanac 2003/ 2018/ 2019 or 2020** or go to the internet at: ** so that you know what the bottom line is.


If a state has to incur foreign debt, is it broke?

Which state on earth has the ability to lend money to another state?

How did this state accumulate the capital? Where did the money come from?

Did the population put the money in a bank as a savings deposit and thus generate the money?

If, according to the World Almanac, we are talking about millions and billions in foreign debt, the money lent out must have caused the prosperity of the country in question to be very low.

Which country has a low level of prosperity due to this or related reasons?

What savings deposits are available to be lent to others by which sections of the population?

Where do these deposits and funds come from if the entire economy is tied to consumption?

Who is personally putting money back so that others can borrow? Is it the pensioners with their savings deposits who also maintain all the personal loans?

Where do such large sums of debt mountains come from and where do the lenders get the money?

How is it that the state can be heavily indebted and the resident banks have large funds?

How can the state borrow money from its own banks and how, exactly, is the circulation of money related to this and how does the state intend to repay the debt?

When a state lives beyond its means, its prosperity is very high. For example, was a large part of the European people bought off for years by corruptions, so that politicians and statesmen could keep themselves at the top through the elections in their parties?

Where does the flow of money come from if labour by human hands cannot counter this flow of money?

What kind of money is it when mass products are produced and carried by artificial energy sources through an electric, technically digital or electronically controlled activity; is it then ultimately also only artificial money?

What activities already belong to this sphere?

What danger does humanity run when it works with artificial means and thereby produces artificial money; what danger does humanity run when it uses artificial time-saving, artificial entertainment and artificial behaviour to make the environment ever more artificial and polluted?

Life, which has become partly artificial and unnatural, suggests that Creation, too, is inferior to an artificial part, and therefore "all the filth from within" is already coming out to me.

Where has the normal healthy man in the house gone who can put an end to this filth?

Please find out who is ultimately the debtor and who is the owner and from where and through whom the money comes.

Please find out how many invoices are outstanding and to whom these invoices are issued, where these invoices will arrive and who will issue these invoices, if in reference to the above letter you will especially understand the worldwide abortions as a basic decision.

Please find out by whom these bills will be brought to bear and how this will be possible, taking into account the retention of title of the artificial equipment of your Authorities.

P. p. Empress  

Thursday, 23 October 2003  

**German-language document reviewed on 22.01.2020.